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"Their Sacrifice, Our History" is an everlasting tribute to all the brave men and women who have given their lives while serving in the line of duty. This interactive multimedia memorial is the result of a partnership between the Philadelphia Police Department and Comcast Corporation, who worked together to bring to life the stories of the Department's fallen heroes.

Since 1828, more than 260 officers have given their lives in the line of duty. "Their Sacrifice, Our History" proudly showcases the lives and the memories, through narratives, pictures and video, of every single member who has given the ultimate sacrifice for the Department and the City they served. The memorial will be housed in the lobby of Police Headquarters, located at 750 Race Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Like "Their Sacrifice, Our History," phillyheroes.org, is a work in progress. This website uses the latest in web technologies, and will expand to include more information and more visual media, such as pictures and videos, as we archive our collective history about the Department, and the ultimate sacrifice that so many of our officers have made. We'd like to engage a broad range of communities, the business sector, and the media, in helping us to preserve the stories, pictures and historical facts that have brought us here today. There is no end point to this journey. We hope this website will be used to educate the public about our fallen heroes and celebrate their legacies for time immemorial.

If you have pictures, print or digital, that you would like to contribute to "Their Sacrifice, Our History", please contact [email protected]. We're also working hard to ensure that the information on this site is up-to-date and accurate. There may be factual errors, or there may be sections which are incomplete, because we either do not have a specific piece of information, or it may be under review. Please help us preserve the officers' memories to the best of our ability by sending any corrections, or additions to help us complete a profile and biography, to [email protected]. We will immediately update the site upon verification of the correction sent.


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